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"ST. LOUIS — An online fund-raising drive for the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot an unarmed African-American teenager to death on Aug. 9 surpassed $300,000 by Saturday afternoon, as dozens of people gathered at a St. Louis pub to rally on the lawman’s behalf."

At the same time they dug up an old case on Dorian Johnson for giving cops a fake name during an arrest. 

PS the incident report from Michael Brown’s murder is blank. Smh 

It’s looking like the same old shit again and again.
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Again the media won’t this…stay strong brother ✊
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#FERGUSON protestor returns tear gas canister back to sender…

This is Amerikkka 2014

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Thank you neonnubian for your active post keeping me and others abreast.

"Shot in the head last night by police"tonytonytony70
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This is just ridiculous. Senseless police brutality hits the Midwest. The city of St. Louis, my hometown, is outraged. This young man was unarmed. No threat whatsoever. When will this STOP? When are police going to be REALLY dealt with for the crimes THEY commit? The laws THEY break? The rights THEY abuse?

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